A Webster-Pack is a folder used to store medication on a weekly basis. The pack lasts for one week and has individual compartments for common medication times. Each week the pack is made up for you at your request at a small fee of $3.00 per pack and if you choose delivered to your door


1. No more medication bottles of boxes lying around the house.

2. No confusion when it is time to take medications.

3. All the medication for that time will be accurately stored in the correct compartment making it easy for use. For example Monday at breakfast all you have to do is push the tablets out from the Monday breakfsat compartment.

4. There is no risk of doubling up on medications, once the tablets are taken they are gone and you can be sure.


About Webstercare

For more than 30 years, Webstercare® has been an innovation-led company at the vanguard of solving the problems Australians have with managing their medication.

From the development of the now widely used Webster-pak®, to the robotically enhanced MedsPro® mini-dispensary system that utilises the Virtual Pill Count (VPC)™ software and supports large numbers of patients requiring medication management support, Webstercare has now developed more than 600 products and services that each offer smart solutions to medication management concerns. 


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